Franz Ferdinand Apartments | About us

When it was first opened, now well known, hostel „Franz Ferdinand“, there were a lot of opportunity for upgrading or expanding the business. Maybe opening of a new hostel on a different location, expanding current hostel or maybe something totally new. That's how idea of opening apartments, which will be same as the previous hostel, came to life. With these apartments, there is a chance of hosting and meeting new profile of guests which will be really nice for the business and in general tourism in Sarajevo and Bosnia.

Apartments are located in just a few minutes walking from the main square „Sebilj“ and Baščaršija, old part of the city. It's easy to find and reachable if you are coming with the public transport, tram or bus or if you are coming with your own vehicle. All-important monuments are reachable by walk so no need to take public transport and loose valuable time in process. It is ideal for visiting famous Sarajevo restaurants, bars and other important attractions, but also provides calmness if you wish to relax and rest in the apartment.

Apartments are named after Austro-Hungarian Archduke Franz Ferdinand, who was assassinated here in Sarajevo and that’s the event that triggered The First World War. Best was to present and learn about the history is to stay in apartments which are telling the story about the event. Design of the apartments will be the same as the original hostel which surely will attract many different type of guests as it was the case with the hostel.

Apartments consists of two big bedrooms, kitchen, big bathroom and shower. They are packed with all the necessary services such as Wi-Fi, big LCD TV, air conditioners, hair dryers, iron, bicycles etc. Maximum number of guests in one apartment is eight people sorted in three different rooms and in other six people sorted in two different rooms. There is also a big garden with barbecue grill and parking for all our guests.

Staff from the hostel will always be there for you for all your question and needs and to help you with all the things you might be interested in. It will be an honor to host each and every guest and to experience real Sarajevo atmosphere.

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